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Silverwing is an innovative luxury travel and concierge agency that is revolutionizing global transit and touring with managed perfection, elevating the travelers’ journey at every juncture with the finest attention to detail and exclusivity.

We deliver a comprehensive range of travel services that includes the planning and booking hotels and resorts, air and ground transportation, tours, excursions, dining, exclusive event access, and more. We provide full-service itinerary curation and management for any travel need or interest.

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Above & Beyond

For every form of travel for every occasion at any destination, for one or many, Silverwing can provide custom itineraries, first-class flights and accommodations, negotiated preferred pricing, VIP services, private greeters, exclusive access, personal chefs, and more.

As an industry expert with global coverage in the luxury travel market, Silverwing is regarded as a premium service provider within the executive business community and by the discerning individual traveler alike.

Our professionalism and dedication is reflected by our many notable accreditations and consistently top-rated client satisfaction. It is our mission to bring you the best value through the most efficient process.

Your last minute requests become our first priority.

Meet our Team

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Akiva Neger

Founder & CEO

Inspired by a lifelong pursuit and fascination with world travel, Akiva founded Silverwing Travel & Concierge to share his passion with others, connecting them to natural wonders, cities, history, culture, friends, and family. With more than a decade of professional experience in the travel sector, it is his mission to apply his expertise and insights for a curated experience of travel that exceeds expectations.

In his continued stewardship, Akiva leads Silverwing operations, organizational structure, and strategy including partnerships, management determinations, and board communications.

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eli vinitsky

chief operating officer

Mr. Vinitsky has established a company culture that aligns with the Silverwing mission to provide travel at its finest. In addition to his strategic leadership and vision, he provides senior oversight on daily business administration and operations. Mr. Vinitsky is responsible for the design and implementation of business strategies, plans, and procedures. He sets goals for company growth, evaluates performance metrics, participates in expansion activities, and manages vendor relations.

As a preeminent industry enthusiast, Mr. Vinitsky continues to manage the company's robust helicopter division with expanded operations and premier service.

Mike Warren

Aviation Operations Specialist

Mike is a resourceful and savvy operations specialist with a proven track record managing VIP calendars, bookings, and sensitive information in his previous position at FlyBlack Jets. A natural leader with a keen ability to anticipate what is needed to provide top-level support, Michael is dedicated to providing best-in-class service from initial charter inquiries, through post-flight follow-up.

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Michael Weberman

Private Jet Charter and Sourcing

Michael brings a sincere enjoyment of the industry and a personal love of travel to every interaction at Silverwing. An astute travel planner and logistics manager with a well-researched, comprehensive approach to all aspects of the business, his work is precise, thorough, and assured. With his detailed organization and communication skills, Michael is a true travel professional and a most valuable asset to the team.

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Anthony chambres

Aviation Operations Specialist

Following service as a Base Operations Supervisor and Aircraft Squadron Operations Chief in the U.S. Armed Forces, Anthony brings extensive aviation experience to his role at Silverwing. A highly organized and problem-solving operations manager, Anthony is dedicated to providing best-in-class service from initial charter inquiries, through post-flight follow-up.

Lauren Alexander

Private Aviation Sales Specialist

With a background in 5-star hospitality and private aviation, Lauren is a valuable addition to our Silverwing Team. She possesses extensive knowledge of private jets and stays current on industry trends. Lauren excels in arranging family and large team travel, ensuring seamless experiences for all our clients. From executive jet charters to last-minute escapes to remote locations, Lauren's expertise guarantees impeccable service and unforgettable travel experiences.

The Travel Advisor Team assists clients in all aspects of travel planning with unparalleled service and personalized attention to detail.

With their expert knowledge and tireless research, the team assesses client needs and preferences to recommend optimal destinations, accommodations, private and commercial transit options, leisure activities, and more.

Working closely with our many network partners to provide exclusive amenities at the best available rates, our Travel Advisor prepare itineraries and manage bookings, coordinating transportation, accommodations, insurance, tours, dining, expeditions, events, and more. To ensure the Silverwing experience is seamless at every touchpoint, they continue to monitor arrangements for any changes or cancellations that may require adjustments or re-bookings.

Pora Jenah

Lead Travel Advisor

With multiple years of experience, Pora brings great insight and experience to travel planning. With an innate curiosity and her finger always on pulse of what is next and trending, she is a strong asset to the team. From a private dining hotspot for your next corporate retreat or your daughter’s destination wedding in the Bahamas, Pora is the person to ask.


Luxury Travel Advisor

As an experienced corporate Recruiter and Client Relations professional who is studied in Psychology and Behavioral Psychology, Jessica is uniquely well-suited to handle the demands of her position. Not only is she practiced in the art of human, she excels under pressure, a skill that she honed as a Telecommunications Manager for an EMS company. With her proactive, results-driven approach, she is consistently exceeding expectations.

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Tay Schachnow

Luxury Travel Advisor

Joining Silverwing from an impressive portfolio of various client-based industries, Tay is a strong leader who takes great pride in her work. With her warm and animated personality, she easily builds connections and has excelled in establishing and sustaining relationships. Her natural interest in people guides a deep learning of her clients’ preferences and interests to serve even the finest details of their travel needs.

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Erin Madsen

Luxury Travel Advisor

Erin joins the team as a skilled sales associate with a professional background in event coordination including contract negotiation, banquet management, and hotel logistics planning. Through previous roles in the health and fitness industry as both a member relations specialist and a group fitness instructor, Erin has become a customer service expert who knows the importance of delivering clear and direct communication. Her work in the travel sector is supported by a personal appreciation for cultural diversity and a hunger for knowledge about the world.


Marty Doyle

Luxury Travel Advisor

Beginning a lifelong travel career as a sommelier on a cruise line, Marty is an experienced luxury travel professional. His 20 years of honors, distinctions, and certifications have led to increasing responsibilities and leadership positions. He is a confident producer of bespoke luxury travel with an emphasis on excellence and individualization. As a result, he has earned three coveted industry awards for event design and multiple SITE Crystal Award wins, as well. Always in pursuit of innovation and ahead of industry and market trends, Marty applies his creative mindset and natural curiosity to anticipate a customer’s every need.


Bernard Zuzart

Luxury Travel Advisor

In Bernard’s more than 17 years of experience in the travel industry, he has worked with some of the most popular brands with the most demanding volume in the business including United Airlines and Travelocity. His wealth of knowledge in air travel, hotel bookings, holiday and vacation packages is matched by his keen problem solving skills and ownership of the process. Throughout his career, Bernard has been consistently acknowledged for his team leadership achievements and customer service excellence.


Mari Assouline

Luxury Travel Advisor

Miriam’s vibrant, enthusiastic demeanor is contagious; in her new role at Silverwing, she’s come to fully embody the idea of “service with a smile.” An avid traveler, she takes joy in sharing her knowledge and wealth of experiences with her clients. A consummate professional, she meets each job with the same dedication, organization, and patience that led to her success in academia and team leadership.

Dominique Hargis

Luxury Travel Advisor

Dominique is highly regarded in the luxury travel industry for designing extraordinary journeys. She loves discovering new luxury properties and sharing her knowledge with her clients. Whether it's booking a business trip, an exclusive spa retreat, a food and wine tour, or an adventurous excursion, Dominique's expertise ensures that each client's trip is meticulously planned and tailored to their preferences.


Chloe Chazon

Luxury Travel Advisor

Chloe is at home on a team of travel enthusiasts and enjoys the research and exploration involved in each client request. She not only works tirelessly to coordinate the best in transportation, accommodations, tours and activities, she goes go above and beyond to advise on destinations, cultures, customs, weather, packing suggestions and more. Her initiative and dedication to creating the most memorable travel experience is truly exemplary.


Joey Salvi

Luxury Travel advisor

Joey Salvi is a seasoned travel expert with over 13 years of experience in airline ticketing and hotel bookings. As a GDS expert proficient in Sabre and Amadeus, he excels in providing personalized and seamless travel experiences. With a strong commitment to excellence and a meticulous attention to detail, Joey consistently exceeds expectations and delivers outstanding service to customers. His passion for travel and wealth of knowledge make him an invaluable asset to clients seeking exceptional service and extraordinary travel experiences.

Kevin Mangubat

Luxury Travel Advisor

Kevin is celebrated for his exceptional efficiency and precision in crafting intricate itineraries and handling lodging arrangements, especially for large groups. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, Kevin shines as a collaborative force, thriving in high-pressure environments while passionately curating remarkable travel experiences for all clients. Proficient across multiple Global Distribution Systems (GDS), including Apollo, Amadeus, and Sabre Red, Kevin's dedication to his craft is unwavering, evident in his mantra: "I'm happiest when I'm working.”

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Lead Ticketing Agent

Madhuri is an experienced sales associate, revenue management professional, and systems analyst with expertise in ATPCO, FMD, GDS. She is a strong team player who has held positions at some of the biggest names in the industry, including British Airways and United Airlines. Madhuri excels in the technical demands of her work, but it is her authenticity and empathy that sets her apart and is consistently recognized in outstanding performance and customer satisfaction reviews.



Business class specialist

Weston is a natural leader with a degree in Tourism and extensive professional experience with VIP bookings. A resourceful and savvy specialist with more than 10 years in the tourism and airline sales industries, he delivers a specialized service for our business class clients. As someone with deep travel insights who excels under pressure, Weston is dedicated to his craft and commands his position.

Adelina Poroseci

Business Class Specialist

Adelina is known for her expertise in handling business class and first-class ticketing intricacies and complex bookings with ease. She is also proficient in managing VIP reservations and special requests, showcasing a comprehensive understanding of the luxury travel landscape. Her commitment to providing exceptional service and resolving customer queries quickly and efficiently reflects Adelina's dedication to ensuring client satisfaction. With a wealth of knowledge and a focus on delivering seamless itineraries, Adelina is an invaluable collaborator in planning luxury air travel.

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Sameer Chavan

Luxury Travel Consultant

Sameer is a customer-focused travel executive with a deep knowledge of the industry and dedication to continued growth in the field. Throughout his professional endeavors, he has consistently been recognized for exceptional communication skills and customer satisfaction, including a promotion to Customer Care Lead Coach. Not only has he managed teams of people and employee training, he is a ticketing software expert who has been instrumental in new business acquisition and development.

Andrew Smith


Andrew is an expert in the intricacies of travel management and the art of crafting tailored travel experiences. Drawing from his extensive background in handling client requests, he handles complex ticketing requests and group hotel bookings with ease and precision. His dedication to providing bespoke solutions and his innate ability to anticipate and meet every client’s needs reflect his creative mindset and his unwavering commitment to staying ahead of industry trends.

Emanuel D’cruz


Emanuel is thrilled to join the Silverwing team as a ticketing expert with extensive experience in family and group luxury travel planning. Proficient across multiple platforms, he specializes in building itineraries that seamlessly align with each client’s needs and desires and prides himself on his impeccable service and attention to detail. Emmanuel brings a unique blend of expertise and enthusiasm along with a commitment to excellence to every element of trip planning.

Kevin Moore


With over 14 years of expertise, Kevin is dedicated to crafting epic travel itineraries. His discerning eye for detail, coupled with unparalleled customer service skills, defines a career dedicated to curating luxurious trips and experiences. With extensive expertise in international properties, Kevin is passionate about finding the most unique accommodations and unforgettable travel experiences for his clients. As a collaborative problem solver, he offers a unique blend of proficiency in reservation booking and travel planning, coupled with an unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled luxury travel services.

Peter Stevens 


Peter excels in managing Global Distribution Systems (GDS) such as Amadeus and Sabre, effortlessly navigating the intricacies of travel logistics. With extensive experience in canceling and rebooking tickets, he brings a practical edge to client service. Known for his prompt communication, Peter takes charge of sending e-tickets, booking invoices, and itineraries, ensuring clients receive timely and comprehensive information for their travel arrangements.



A seasoned travel expert with over 7 years of experience in luxury itineraries and logistics management, Eli focuses on building business-class itineraries that align with each client’s desires and budgets, providing an individualized approach to every journey. He believes in forming long-term connections and guaranteeing satisfaction at every point in the travel experience. Eli has been nationally recognized for delivering remarkable customer service that always exceeds expectations.

Cristiana Balica

Ticketing , Business Class

Crisitna is a seasoned traveler and ticketing expert with experience spanning across various roles from managing the customer service department of an airline ticketing agency to organizing corporate travel for large organizations. Originally from Romania, Cristiana has cultivated her skills in destinations around the world, including Moldova, Turkey, and the United States. As a former Human Resources Manager, Cristiana understands the importance of clear and honest communication and is dedicated to finding efficient solutions for every challenge. She loves fulfilling last-minute requests with ease, and her attention to detail and commitment to excellence make her absolutely perfect for her role at Silverwing.


Shira Rosenfeld


Ms. Rosenfeld is responsible for the analysis, management, and accurate reporting of all financial data and the resolution of any found discrepancies or irregularities, working across departments to ensure a coordinated response and organizational success. She oversees the accuracy of all financial documents and proper tax filings in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.



Accountant—AR/AP Specialist

Ms. Pollack is responsible for all aspects of the accounts receivable process including invoice calculations, payment processing, bookkeeping, financial reporting, commissions, and collections. She is the client liaison for all communications regarding payment requests and arrangements.


Rachel Sterling


Ms. Sterling is responsible for assisting in the financial reporting, accounts payable, and accounts receivable processes. She ensures the organization's long-term success with her diligent oversight of financial transactions and bookkeeping.


Monica Peterson


Monica is a compassionate HR professional with a unique approach to her work. With over 25 years of experience in HR and Recruiting, she has developed a reputation for thinking outside of the box and finding creative solutions to complex problems.Monica's passion for HR stems from her desire to help people achieve their full potential. She believes that a happy and engaged workforce is the key to a company's success, and she is committed to building strong relationships with employees at all levels of the organization.Despite the serious nature of her work, Monica is known for her fun-loving and upbeat personality. She believes that work should be enjoyable and that a positive attitude can go a long way in creating a healthy and productive workplace culture.In her current role, Monica is responsible for managing employee relations, talent development, and recruitment. She enjoys working with people from diverse backgrounds and is always looking for ways to bring new perspectives to the table.


Nissan Heimov


Nissan Haimov is an experienced HR and Recruiting professional with over years of experience in the industry.Throughout his career, Nissan has worked for several top-tier companies, where he has honed his skills in talent acquisition, employee relations, and HR management. He has worked in various industries, including insurance, healthcare and finance giving him a broad range of experience in different business environments.Nissan's passion for HR is driven by his desire to help companies attract, develop, and retain the best talent. He believes that an organization's success is directly linked to the quality of its employees, and he is committed to finding and nurturing the best talent in the market.In his current role as an HR and Recruiting professional, Nissan is responsible for developing and implementing recruitment strategies, managing the entire hiring process, and building strong relationships with internal stakeholders and external partners.

Aviva Werde


Aviva Werde is your compass for navigating the ever-evolving landscape of human resources. With over 15 years of expertise as a Chief People Officer (CPO), Recruiter, and certified HR professional, Aviva brings a wealth of transformative HR experience to the table. Her journey has been a symphony of meaningful conversations, mastering the intricacies of compensation and transforming empathy and emotion.

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